Water & Lightning | Nature-Inspired Handmade Wooden Toy



Our Mission

Make toys that help kids to discover, love and care for nature. 


Our Goal

Our toys represent just two simple ideas. The first is about  creating a connection between child and nature through organic shapes and materials. The second is an invitation. It is our hope that our toys serve as a reminds of the beautiful world that we live in and that we should encourage our children to come outside and play. 

We want kids to have more play dates with nature.


Our Story

We are a teeny tiny, mom and pop toy company. We are a husband and wife team with two wonderful boys, living in New York City. We started in a small garage a couple of years ago and now, we are still in the same garage but it has expanded to our basement. Progress! 

Brian Barenio

Erna Barenio


Noah, aka "Water"
Kid, Toy Tester

Lukas, aka "Lightning"
Toy Tester


Our Values

Make it Simple
We believe in the simplicity in play and in form.

Zero Instructions
We believe that children play best with no rules because it leads to endless possibilities.

Do Good
We plant more trees than we use and provide a livelihood to the local woodworkers.

Be Safe
We use earth-friendly materials from sustainable wood to child safe paints and finishes.